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Building my 120 Gallon tank at Waves

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My 120 Build has started i will post pics up as we progress.


Specs for now since its late and i have been drinkin.....LOL


Metal Stand Stainless Finished with Stainless doors

120 Gallon All Glass tank 24" 25" 48"

Closed loop - Sequence Dart

Return Through a Wavy Sea

Return Pump GX8600

Skimmer Octopus 2000 Recirc

Chiller Titan 250

Sunlight Supply Cal Reactor

Phosban reactor





2 400 watt halides Custom Pendant 15k


50 gallon sump with refugium

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You posted in a sponsors forum too LOL


Hopefully someone will come along and move to members tanks section soon.


looking forward to pics though!

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