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went herring fishing...

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yesterday my friend and i went to newport to do some herring fishing..he was hoping we'd get a few, maybe 10-20.. hes never done this before,,me only once when i was a teen. well in an hour and a half, fishing at the end of the pier, we manage to slaughter 63 herring.....(rock2) just jiggin of the bottom with a herrin jig and a 4 oz. weight....the state cop was out there checkin angling and crabbin permits. well when he came up to me and asked to see mine, i told him to hold on ....fish on:) he said we were doing amazing for not being in a boat....well needless to say...we had an awesome time and are going back this morning with a couple of friends to have some more guy fun.....so any salmon or fisherman that wants to save money on buying frozen herring, nows the time to get your own free bait....



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