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project idea

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Idea for the tanks for teachers program. How about those interested in being involved meet some day of the week using pal talk for example and formulate a plan. Make a list of what we need figure out how to finance this, and set up or website with pod casts and blogs etc.... If we act now we could get this off and running by the time school starts in the fall.

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Thank you Brandy, can we get a look at any of the documents that have been created in the past. It would be very helpful to not duplicate any of the hard work that have already been put into it.


Do we need permission from anyone to uses anything that has already been created?


Thank you in advance

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I don't know of any documents.


We could do something like this for example:







School Name________________________


Grade Level__________


What do they teach


Biology______ Chemistry____ Physics_______



How could a saltwater tank benefit your class?


What lesson plans do you have?


Reasons for wanting a saltwater tank





Updates on progress of tank

tank stats

maintenance schedule




Right a paper on why they want a tank and how they could use a saltwater tank to teach their class.




Something like this is a start. What else can add to this??????

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Thank you for your input.


I am not going to look like a "savior" with this, and my opinion is just that an opinion. I know nothing, I just thought that the club might like to have this put together.


I have been told many things from several people, I guess that I will wait and see what others have to say in the weeks ahead.


Thank you again for being on the ball.



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