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My tank, very pic intense.

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This is my nano, my 45 gal corner pentagon will be going up very soon. So this is a more of a holding tank until that is up and cycled. Sorry, I need a tri-pod and my camera is new, so please bear with me.


full shots....



CIMG0354.jpgNow some closer/specific shots...

My Brain



No idea why I got the color difference


Hammertime..."can't touch this"(sorry I could not resist myself)

You can see a smaller baby on in the center of this pic, between the two bigger ones






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the rest...

Its a dark galaxea night...



A little candycane...



A little hammer and candy can all in one...aka me trying to be a creative photogher DOH!







My other brain...


And a night shot, cause I can :p



Tank is a 12gal eclipse, with a DIY Jimmy Rig install of a dual light strip 30watts-50/50 and 18,000k bulbs. Its been up for about 2 years.

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Nice. Love that green/blue brain.

thanks it is fairly new...I got for 20 bucks... I could not pass it up... i need to stop going into fish stores cause that happens, I see something i have to have and then when it is a fair price...I buy it.

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Jeez, $20! I can't blame you.


I've had to limit my trips to the LFS too, i've got no more room!!!!

At least I am not the only one... yeah the 12 is pretty much cramped. I really need to get my bigger tank up. Then it will be an even more empty bank account and me starting the next RA (reefers anonymous).

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You are going to have to get the other tank up real soon as it looks like the real estate is becoming limited.



Thanks! yeah...wish someone else was paying me for the real estate... I think I posted this on the wrong place...I think this belongs on the show thread...If a mod wants to move they can.


I wish I could have some more snails, but since it is so small they knock everything on top of each other and climb all over the corals...The tank should be set up next month and then hopefully 8 weeks after that it will be good to go. I am dying to order some frags from reefermadness and ultimatefrag and pick up some local stuff.

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