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Looking For Members Interest To Divide Into Geographic Areas

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I would like to purpose the idea to divide to club into groups just for the purpose of local "Meet And Greet" get togethers. We have a great board, and to have the ability to post, search, and locate members is very nice. I would like to purpose the idea of making it easier to locate member by city or geographic regions for the purpose of personal invites to our local "Meet And Greets".


I will be planning another "Meet And Greet" after the meeting tomorrow @ Jasons ( CORAL REEF) in Salem. If you are interested in meeting, please contact me at the meeting, my name is Kevin.


I would like to meet all members, and welcome all to our local "Meet And Greets".


How to get your ideas and interest to become imvolved in our local chapter, it will be filled with learning and fun.




Kevin (laugh) (laugh)

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