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150 lbs. aragonite for free

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Hey folks!

A colleague in another part of the HMSC campus reached out to me recently about the liquidation of 150 pounds of aragonite. She's looking to give it away and I'd like to see it go to the TfT program. Now may not be the  most opportune time for Tanks for Teachers (or much else beyond hanging on best we can and simply trying to maintain) but I was thinking that this could be useful further on down the road when we get on the other side of this wretched pandemic. 🍻

If anyone affiliated with TfT would like to come pick this substrate up in the fairly near future, I could get in touch with the donor and set this in motion. This would be an all-or-nothing deal, as she's motivated to find this a new home. If this is useful to TfT or could be used for the benefit of PNWMAS, please let me know.

Hang in there and stay safe, everybody!


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