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I am not able to access it through Tapatalk either.  

@TheClark or @Chief, any ideas?  I looked at the Admin console to confirm the Tapatalk feature is enabled.  Not sure what else to check.  The whole site has been acting strangely since yesterday:

  • multiple duplicate posts
  • unable to "like" a certain post
  • this morning the whole site appeared to be down briefly, only showing an error about the site config file
  • unable to delete a duplicate Classified ad
  • posts not showing accurate stats on number of replies
  • Tapatalk non-functional
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Status Update:

- We tried to apply the latest plugins, but no luck

- Tapatalk now breaks the main web site (non tapatalk) as well.  When broken, no one can post or reply or sometimes even view the site.

- We had to disable tapatalk until a new plugin or forum software is release.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we had good intentions to get it going, but not break the entire site!

Usually many people raise a stink when this happens, hopefully updates happen soon.


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51 minutes ago, Danielie21 said:

Any news on the update?

Unfortunately the Tapatalk plugin is incompatible with the current version of the PNWMAS IPB forum software and causes the whole site to crash, so we had to disable Tapatalk for now.  Until either Tapatalk releases a new plugin, or IPB releases a new update, there's nothing we can do.

This is not limited to PNWMAS.  I have seen complaints from Tapatalk users of forums related to cars, gaming, woodworking, and many others.  It's a wide-spread problem.

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