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Next Contest for our Summer Extravaganza: Build Thread

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Ok, it's very simple. Here's how this works, you have two options:


One is create a build thread for your reef system. If you're not familiar with these, it's basically a personal thread that details the ongoing progress of your system. It would start with details about tank, equipment used, livestock kept, etc. From there, it's up to you how often you post updates. Build threads are great ways to stay engaged with another, troubleshoot issues, and (most importantly ) show stuff off.


Second option is to post a MEANINGFUL update to your ongoing build thread. Most members already have one going so it wouldn't make sense to only include new contributors. Show the club what's new with your operation!


Once you have done either of those options, post in THIS thread with a link to your build thread. That will be the only acceptable submission, a link posted in this thread. All links must have a contribution after the current time of 9:30PM today.


We will run this through the rest of the week. On Sunday at 9PM, I will use a random number generator to pick one of the posts from this thread.


Winner will receive a Hanna Alkalinity Checker.


That's it's! Update your build thread, win a Hanna checker! Let's see them tanks!


Good luck everyone!


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Come on people let’s see those tanks ! I need inspiration !!

Here’s my empty IM 25 lagoon!! :laugh:



Here’s my empty Red Sea Reefer 170 which will likely be a future seahorse tank when Sirena gets out of school !  :clap:


Oh and let’s not forget the little Frag tank and the 40 breeder and the school tank! Does this count @Higher Thinking?😂 

I’m trying to challenge Ron for the tank storage (hoarding )challenge !!

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