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Tank move/vermetid snail eradication/requarantine livestock?

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Hey Everyone, 

So I've been reefing about a year and recently realized I have vermetid snails. I'm pretty sure they killed one of my corals and now it looks like they are endemic to my tank. I know there's probably no way to get rid of them without totally breaking down my tank, but I'm in the process of moving and am considering a more drawn out process of resetting my tank, quarantining all my livestock, and eradicating whatever other pests are endemic to my tank (I would also like to eradicate ich, etc and institute a better qt process moving forward). My thought was to quarantine all fish and corals in a temporary setup and run the tank for a period of time without feeding it. I'd maybe also add bumblebee snails since I've heard they are vermetid snail predators. Would this work? how long would I have to cycle my rock before I could add livestock back to the tank? How badly would this hurt my tank's stability? 


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Sounds like y'all should give it a shot and report the findings!

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