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LAST CHANCE BEFORE PARTED OUT... 75 gallon Setup + all the extra stuff

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LAST CHANCE BEFORE I part out my equipment.  I have cleaned most of the tank/equipment and boxed it up for transport/shipping.  This has huge potential as a money maker while still retaining enough for a nice set up... I just want to be done with the big tank and keep my small fish only tank so this HAS TO GO! 


NOTE *** tank is not up and running, and only one fish would be available from a smaller tank I have (a small black and white clown).  Otherwise no livestock included as I emptied the tank and rehomed what was left.

Letting this hobby go in lieu of another that my kids are highly involved in... horses lol.  Both are time consuming and require daily attention so one has to go... mine.  This tank crashed last year and I emptied it in hopes of restarting from scratch.  It just never happened and now that we have equines, doesn't look like it will for at least a few more years.  Price includes EVERYTHING I HAVE... Willing to part out only if tank sells first.  If you want the tank, let me know what you want with it, and I can part out the rest and we can talk price on what you do want.  NOT WILLING TO SELL ITEMS SEPARATELY UNTIL TANK GONE.  Price reflects EVERYTHING shown and/or listed.  Additional pics available on request, but A)please don't ask unless you are serious and not just tire kicking, and B) please be patient as most of the items are stored away in totes and I will have to dig them out (again, the reason why I request you only ask if serious).  Ok, so here we go;

-75 gallon tank with coast-to-coast overflow.
-Plumbed to 20-ish gallon refugium in lower cabinet with grow bulb overhead (I grew mangroves and cheto in the refugium)
-Custom built stand with old farmhouse 'feel'- gray stained pine sanded around edges.
-MRC MR-2 commercial level protein skimmer, new retail price of $550!  This thing is a beast!  Love it!
-Danner 90? pump (I will have to double check on the model)
-other smaller pumps included and will be updated as I identify each (one fit on one of the Remoras listed below)
-Two EcoRay LED lights (retailed new at approx. $400 each), one will need a new driver ($25+ shipping from EcoRay company in California).
-'Hood' is now two boards in height (not shown in pic)... wanted the ability to raise lights away from tank without seeing them.
-Ceiling light hanging kit x2 which allows lights to easily raise or lower on a spring/pulley system that is discreet and easy on the eye
-Two Tunze wavemakers (one large and one smaller). Older, but get the job done.
-multiple (2-4) Hydor Koralia smaller wavemakers
-Accela Quadra (two plug-in's on each dial) powerhead alternator (can set it to alternate between powerheads every '__' seconds or '__' minutes) **manual dials... not digital or wifi enabled**
-Rock... high quality Marco rock (dry, not live): three or four medium totes (possibly more... can't remember how many I stashed away)
-Sand... included at about 2" depth across tank bottom. Dirty (not in appearance per say- but not boiled and cleaned) dry and still in tank from when it was up and running. Nice quality natural white coral sand ordered in from Florida.
-2 remora skimmers: AquaC Remora (20-75 gallon), and AquaC Remora Pro (40-200 gallon).  Here is specs and details on the larger one from marine depot... https://www.marinedepot.com/aquac-remora-hang-on-protein-skimmer-no-pump and the smaller one is just a hair smaller but identical in functionality (pics are stock pics... no pump included unless I can dig one up out of one of the totes that will work (there are a couple hiding).
-Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 150 with pump (only in use for a couple months before tank emptied) ***had to install a grounding probe (also included) as I had stray current when I installed this reactor and pump but this solved the issue
-one chinese LED, multicolor adjustable and working...was used on one half tank with one EcoRay on the other
-T5/MH/LED light fixture, 37" and will fit nicely over tank... switched to LED as worried about MH heat exposure of tank's center brace (one LED moonlight is out, T5 bulbs have 6 months of use on them from a previous tank)
-EXTRAS... single LED type goose neck light (no gooseneck fixture, just bulb), testing kits (likely outdated), chemicals and additives, air pumps/stones for power outages (battery operated and electric), glass cleaning tools/scrapers, MORE MORE MORE!  Will update and add more as I clean out the tank area.  Price will not change though- everything I have (listed or not) is included!
This tank has some maintenance issues that will require addressing before filling. NO leaks from tank corner or bottom seals. The bulkhead on far right corner will need to be replaced as it had a small (like TINY) leak that was resulting in salt creep I noticed when I emptied tank. These are threaded bulkheads so will be removable without risk of damage to glass. It could be as simple as unscrewing, cleaning glass, redoing the tape on the threads, and using some silicone between the back seal (something I didn't do). Same for the thread seal on the skimmer- salt creep around seal present. I only used thread tape on this as well.  The latex paint on the back external wall of tank is also peeling and will need repainted if that is your liking... otherwise comes off easily.
The setup is NOT currently cleaned and spit-shined... pics were of a couple months after initial set-up.  I am starting to clean up tank to ready it for it's next home. There's a huge potential to profit for more than the asking price if I (or you) was to break it up and sell separate. I'm selling as-is, which means 'please know what you are buying before you leave with it'... I will not entertain any idea of refund or return because you didn't know what is what or how to work or maintain this or that. LOTS of extras included.  I live in a relatively rural area so the market is just not here for me to expect to sell everything individually in a timely manner.
It was up and running for about 1.5 years before a nem died and crashed the entire tank killing all but the mushrooms (THOUSANDS of dollars in corals and fish gone in 3 days despite efforts). I eventually had 6 years worth of accumulated fish and corals transferred to this tank from my previous tank which then grew out during that year and a half- all gone. Pics of tank during grow out are mostly on a laptop that also crashed- starting to think there's a pattern here- but it was getting to be quite a pretty tank.
**CASH OR PAYPAL ONLY**. No check or money order please. Potential delivery with fee, otherwise you pick up. $600 obo- ask me about prices ONLY if wanting tank alone or tank plus other items.










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LAST CHANCE! 75 gallon with enough extras to start 3 new tanks!

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Sorry to see you go, but I can relate.  My daughter is an equine nut now too, taking ALLOT of my time as well.  Good stuff though, hard work, responsibility, competition, and working with animals.  Have fun and GLWS!


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