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Coral Sale- Zoas, chalice, acans, LPS, Torch, mushrooms n more

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Hey Y'all, well here we have some corals for sale. If you buy multiple pieces we can talk price., but feel feee to shoot offers. Located in newberg. Absolutely can't take trades, this tank is coming down until next tank is ready.




Red Goniopora 3": $40 ()



Ultra acans: pics do no justice ...old pics, pieces are bigger

12 head $80


Oregon Mummy eyes: $10 per eye. available:  4-9 eye


Pink Boobies chalice 10 eye $65




Rainbow incinerator: $5 per head - 7-head(pending reef-fisher), 2-head, 7-head, 7-head, 12 head, 20 head


Rastas - 40 heads 2 colonies available - $100 per colony


BBEB: $3 PP - 14 head, 10 head(pending reef-fisher)



captain america colony - 12 head $65


Grandis palys 6+ heads: brown white green $25


magicians 5-head - $20 (pending reef-fisher)

Nuke Green paly(maybe called green death, same as purple death, but green, very bright) 20+ head $35- 2 available


Iron Man zoas: $4 per head: 3 head, 3 head, 3 head


Sunny D's 15ish heads: $20



Sunkist Bounce size of fifty cent piece $125- 



Garbage pail mushroom, huge 5", never seen any other like it. $75




red/green rhodactis 3 dime size: $10


Rainbow Skittles mushroom: adult $30



Base rock with red white spot and orange mushrooms on it $25 - this has to go last. 

These are the man made reef rocks...I think corallife makes em? The purple ones...


Once that is sold we have some inverts -

cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp ($40 pair) , snails($1ea)










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36 minutes ago, goldenbasketreef said:

Sent pm

You know Mandinga’s stuff is good when you have The Godfather of coral sending a pm! 😉

Isaac does know what he is doing and some of the nicest pieces of coral I have gotten from him and then sold to a lot of you. 

No tank or I would be all over this ? No tank and I still want to be all over this !😂

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10 minutes ago, albertareef said:

Sigh. Wish my tank was sorted - lots of stuff I would love to have here. 

Same. Oh and I wish my wallet was sorted 🙃

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11 hours ago, TASMG01 said:

Willing to ship?

pm sent

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Update list, here is what’s left with new prices! Also have fish added now.


Bbeb’s $2 per head 3 frags avail 2 5 head and one 10 head

Captain americas colony12+ heads $40

Pink boobies chalice 10ish eye $40 (sold optimus prime)


Iron mans $2 per head

Gorgonian(purple)($10 6” many branches)

Nuke green paly colony($25)

Red/green rhodactis shrooms($10)

Rastas 2 big colonies($30ea)

Lr with about 100 rastas and 50 fire and ice($50)

Incinerators- 1 colony $25(sold optimusprime) smaller frags (5 + heads $15)

Awesome Acan, 12 head pink red teal white putole -$85

Oregon mummy eye 3 frags, $5 per eye.

Spider man zoas 25ish heads $30

Sunny d’s 20 heads+ $20

Hawaiian people eater palys 8ish $15


Sunkist bounce $175


Garbage pail huge shroom $75

Rainbow skittles mushroom $20

Res goniopora $40



Black phantom clown $40 possibly another name i forget.



Red pygmy $40



Fire shrimp $25 f20661145072c748276f97904f7d955b.jpg


Cleaner shrimp $15




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Will take the cleaner shrimp. Pm me thank you

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