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Hello from Jaime and Ari!

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Hello, hello! I'm Jaime, and my husband Ari and I have been running tanks in SW Portland for coming up for 2 years now. We're actually in the middle of consolidating our 50g and 20g into a new 25g IM Lagoon! Feel free to check out my breakdown thread :) we have learned a ton over the last two years, both about how to do things and what we really enjoy about the hobby.

Ari got dragged into the hobby by me. I had kept freshwater tanks before, but always admired saltwater tanks. When we moved into our current home with a lenient lease, I kept into things... I'm pretty sure I had found our first tank before we were done unpacking. Ari got really involved shortly after I got pregnant, as corals triggered my morning sickness something fierce for a while there. Getting his hands in the tank reawakened an interest in marine biology that he had forgotten about :)

I'm not positive when I first heard about PNWMAS ... there is a good chance it was through one of the Facebook groups, and was one of the first reefing events we attended. 

So far as dream stocking go, I would love to have a pair of longfin phantom clownfish, dog faced puffer, and a pair of seahorses in three very different tanks someday. There is also a place saved in my tank for as dragon soul torch (should I ever happen across one), and I believe some of the higher end elegance and fungia plates for Ari :) I gotta say, one thing I love about the hobby is all of the chances he and I have had to look at and share things together.

Currently, we are gearing our new tank to be mostly softies and mushrooms, with a few pieces of euphyllia, montis, and lepto that I'll be monitoring pretty closely. I've loved my rock flower garden and BTAs, and once the new tank matures, I look forward to possibly adding some back into our collection.

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