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My Intro Thread

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Q1. How did you hear about Pnwmas?

     A1. I frequent Woody's Seahorse Aquarium & Supply and Terry provided a card to me and suggested I check it out and sign up, so here I am!


Q2. How long have you been in the hobby? 

     A2. I am still a novice, I have had my Red Sea Nano Max now for 1 year 2 months.


Q3. Who inspired you to start up a tank?

     A3. I grew up around fresh water aquariums most of my childhood because of my dad. Now, as an adult I decided I wanted that back in my life and my children's life and decided salt water reef was the way I wanted to go after doing research.


Q4. What size aquarium do you have?

     A4. I only have 1 aquarium, it is a 20 gallon Red Sea Nano Max


Q5. What livestock do you have? 

     A5. As for invertebrates, I have Tuxedo Urchin, Fire Shrimp, sand sifting star, and emerald crabs. For Fish I have Pigmy Wrasse, Lawn mower Blenny, Frostbite Clown, Purple Fire Fish, and Pearly Jawfish. For corals I have rainbow rose tip anemone, 2 rock flowers, various zoas, forest fire, green hairy mushrooms, green star polyps (trying to grow on back wall),  green torch, Jack O Lantern leptoseris, Vargus Cespitularia.


Q6. What is your Dream Fish?

     A6. As of now a  Royal Gamma. If I had a larger tank probably a tang.


Q7. What is your dream coral?

     A7. Chalice 


Q8. Anything else you would like to add?

     A8. I am still very new to this (even though I am a year in). I still make so many mistakes but do learn a lot along the way. I look forward to the help and suggestions I can get from this group. I am also very much into automating tanks. Currently my 20 gallon is nearly self sufficient (using mostly Neptune Apex controllers and code). I hope I can also provide insight to anybody else wanting to take up the reef hobby. Thanks for welcoming me to this group.


Happy reefing! See image I attached for what my reef looks like. You can also see part of my cabinet I built for my apex stuff.


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Welcome!  Glad you found us.  Seahorse is my "neighborhood" store so glad to hear Terry is helping to spread the word - he and Tewsley are great.  Seems like you are off to a pretty good start and, if you are an automation kind of person then SuncrestReef would be the person to talk to.  You should check out his Apex programming series if you haven't already.

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Welcome! Nice tank! Thank you for the info. Terry and Tewsley are great people. I visit their store quite often. Any questions or info that you want to ask or give feel free to post. I will get you signed up for the November drawing.

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