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Selling my Waterbox 130.4 + lots of gear.

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May have to get out of the hobby considering selling all my Equipment.

Its been up and running only 4 months. If I get a fair deal I am willing to part

With It.    




Waterbox 130.4                                                                              $2,249.99

Radion Xr15w                                                                                    $419.99

Radion Xr15w                                                                                     $419.99

Nero 5                                                                                                  $249.99

Nero 5                                                                                                 $249.99

Nyos 160                                                                                             $499.99

Nyos Reactor base                                                                            $99.00

NYos Reactor Tube                                                                           $99.00

Neptune Apex                                                                                   $799.95

Neptune ATO Kit V2                                                                        $199.95

Neptune DOS                                                                                    $299.95

Finnex Controller                                                                             $44.95

RoDi  system                                                                                    $130.00

Rodi Upgrade                                                                                  $99.00

True temp 800 wt Heater                                                             $800.00
Aqua Mag 180 pump                                                                     $184.99

Radion hanging rail kit                                                                   $150.00

Hanna Calcium Checker                                                               $50.00

Hanna Alk Checker                                                                         $50.00

Hanna Phospahte Checker                                                            $50.00

Hanna Salinity Chacker                                                                   $70.00


                                   Total $6,496



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I have the following:

Neptune Apex
DOS Pump
Neptune optical level sensor
Low profile leak sensor
Magnetic probe rack
FMM Module
WXM Module

I’ll can do $1,050

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