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Some of my favorites

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Just sharing some of my favorites. Advancement in reef lighting has came a long ways with the abilities to fine tune both spectrum and intensity. I highly doubt I can achieve this kind of coloration without controlling how much 470nm vs 450nm vs 435nm, 420nm, and 400nm.


I found the yellow in the rainbow trachy peaks at 470nm but turn more green with 450nm and below. Some yellow/gold hammers are pretty consistent from 470-400nm but some different fluorescent color with 470nm vs 450nm.93f947dc9c37ebab26170f4201b6bb22.jpgc63ce2c99d40a6b42c62243b05b784fb.jpga284704d73a4d253c17bc783cb66be1c.jpgd6d23a2a7f7e87d957d2227436ee4271.jpg99e2d488c128a26f50a9bfa5e4c0d4b7.jpg36cd53974b05d8978f69e5a39761c180.jpg8ef2a06021f0aeec556c234c9714bb84.jpg


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