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Eurobrace and reseal?

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I found a 120 In pretty decent shape for super cheap. The only issue is it's got a rim, and I'd prefer to avoid having a plastic rim. I'm also not exactly sure how old it is, so I definitely want to reseal it. Ive resealed tanks before so not as worried about that but I haven't ever euro braced a tank. Is it possible to get a 48"x24"x3/8" pane, and get the center punched out to make a clean one piece 3" rim? Would I be better off just buying 2 48"x3", and 3 24"x3" pieces? Is it really worth it?

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5 minutes ago, xmas_one said:

I've been contemplating that. But if I bought new I think I'd get a waterbox or a reefer. I'm not completely ready for a big tank yet, but antsy enough that a cheap option that needs a little work is surprisingly tempting.

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