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Memorial Day Sale: SAVE 10% (or more) ON MOST ITEMS!

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      Save on most of the RO and RO/DI systems we carry! Plus, save on select accessories. SHOP NOW!
      Sale ends 1/29/2020 at 11:59pst
    • By marine depot
      If you have a freshwater or planted tank, please click HERE! 
    • By Ory Foltz
      I have been in the hobby for awhile and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately for me the last few years have required me to move every 8-10 months, and I am about to have to move again. I have also been having electric problem at this apartment which has led to some coral loss and occasionally stressed livestock (GFI became super weak and caused the temp to dip when it tripped during the night, stuff like that) This makes handling my livestock a huge pain, and it is really starting to wear me down 😕 I have a smallish cube aquarium with a custom made 45 gallon sump. In these tanks I have coral frags, live rock with corals/anemones on them, fish, crustaceans, etc. A fairly well developed tank. I also have all the gear, 4-stage rodi, bubble magus skimmer, lights, gyre circulation pump, tons and tons of chemicals, medicine, 5 gallon buckets everywhere, etc. etc. So, as sad as it makes me, how do I go about realistically selling this stuff off and making sure it all goes to good homes 😕
      Thanks guys, also this is my first post so if I broke a rule I apologize.  

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