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4 hours ago, albertareef said:

I saw one of them today as well!  Pretty spectacular but a little annoyed with the tank maintenance 

It’s the perfect fish for Led lights . The blues in the fish picked up the blues in the lights and it was mesmerizing to me.

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2 hours ago, Deuce00 said:

Cool fish. Music reminded me of living in Germany again lol 

Ha ha it’s actually Gangnam Style which is Korean. 

Here is an up close picture . I really love this fish! :wub: I was also impressed that less than 24 hours it was out.  The other 2 are still hiding in the sand which has been my experience with wrasses.


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1 hour ago, What_The_Frag said:

Yeah I had to snag one today. This fish is amazing, looks even better in person!

Yes it does ! That’s awesome that you got one ! So jealous ! Wish I had a tank up right now !

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2 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

I tried to buy one yesterday but the remaining ones couldn't be found.  What a beautiful specimen!  No worries on my end though, got a Mystery and White-Tail Bristletooth! 

I am hoping Jeff keeps one of them so we can all enjoy it. The mysteries are a fun fish too. I just couldn’t keep shrimp anymore .

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