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    • By hkhsiao
      So the sale continues. Please see the Google Sheet Link below for what's remaining. Please PM me if interested. 
      Item List
    • By CrazyInside
      Have a few things to clear out
      First up is an IM Nuvo Fusion 10 gallon AIO, I upgraded to a bigger AIO, no scratches, comes with a brand new upgraded 211gph pump, stock pump was only 92gph. Has a brand new Filter sock, has the screen top with clips. $50 SOLD
      Next up is a Clear Water External Algae Scrubber, I had it running for a month on my tank and truthfully my tank wasn't stocked enough to run this, it stripped all the nutrients and made the water way to clean. Someone who likes to feed a lot or has a lot of fish would benefit from it! $275
      And last I have a Maxspect XF230 with the advanced controller ($290 new) and then a second xf230 ($140 new). 4 new blades, new sleeves. They only have 4 months run time on them. $325

    • By bamburgb
      So I recently set up a maxspect gyre XF250 which came with controller for my 180, question is does anyone know if the controller would work on an XF230 as well? I know it can control 2 units but I’m unaware of there are any difference with the 230 and 250’s. Reason I’m wondering is because even with the 250 I’ve noticed a couple areas that aren’t getting much flow and started noticing cyano growth. 
    • By marine depot
      ENDS TODAY: 0% APR financing for 3, 6, or 12 months

      This special offer ends @ midnight!

      Pay over time on Abyzz, Maxspect, Reef Octopus, IceCap, AutoAqua, Giesemann, and CoralVue!

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