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    • By Ory Foltz
      I have been in the hobby for awhile and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately for me the last few years have required me to move every 8-10 months, and I am about to have to move again. I have also been having electric problem at this apartment which has led to some coral loss and occasionally stressed livestock (GFI became super weak and caused the temp to dip when it tripped during the night, stuff like that) This makes handling my livestock a huge pain, and it is really starting to wear me down 😕 I have a smallish cube aquarium with a custom made 45 gallon sump. In these tanks I have coral frags, live rock with corals/anemones on them, fish, crustaceans, etc. A fairly well developed tank. I also have all the gear, 4-stage rodi, bubble magus skimmer, lights, gyre circulation pump, tons and tons of chemicals, medicine, 5 gallon buckets everywhere, etc. etc. So, as sad as it makes me, how do I go about realistically selling this stuff off and making sure it all goes to good homes 😕
      Thanks guys, also this is my first post so if I broke a rule I apologize.  

    • By NateDawg
      Frags up for sale. I have a few of each that I will be posting. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I may be interested in trades depending on what you got to offer. I have bundle options too. 
      Buy 1 frag = regular price
      Buy two frags = 5% off purchase
      Buy three frags = 10% off purchase
      Buy 4 frags = 15% off purchase
      Buy 5+ frags = 20% off purchase
      I am located in Albany, OR but do travel to Portland so I can meet people there if needed. If the frag dies within 7 days from obtaining it, replacement will be given based on the sellers discretion and photo evidence. But if there's any other issues, just message me and we can work things out.
      Pink Diamond Zoanthids 3+ polyps - $50 (1 frags left)
      Utter Chaos Zoanthids 3+ polyps - $35      (Sold out currently)
      Granny Apple Smith Zoa 3+ polyps - $35   (2 frags left) 
      Blueberry fields Zoa 20+ polyps - $20        (Sold out currently)
      Jk's Crab Nebula 5+ polyps - $20                (Sold out currently)
      Pink diamonds

      Utter Chaos

    • By tnknsnj
      Since my wife and I retired, we are traveling quite a bit and need to say good bye to our 180 gallon saltwater setup. I am willing to give it away for free, along with all components. All I ask is that you move it to the new location, wherever that might be. I did not put this on Craigslist, because I would like a dedicated hobbyist to take it over. The various components included are:
      180 gallon glass aquarium + cabinet
      Seamless Sump
      Arctica Chiller
      R/O DI
      Iwaki Pump
      Vortech Pump x 2 MP40
      Octo Protein Skimmer
      Calcium Reactor + CO2 Tank/valves
      Digital Aquatics Controller + 3 strips
      Turbo Twist 12x Sterilizer
      Miscellaneous aquarium supplies
      Also included are 2 maroon clowns, 2 Brittle Stars, Yellow Tang, Filefish, Pin Cushion Urchin and a few corals
      Contact Tom (360) 666-2730 if interested
    • By Jeffster
      I have a free Sedra 5000 water pump and it works good, I'm located in Brush Prairie, WA.  I also have Skimmer parts that were with it, it is complete but a broken piece. I don't need this for my tanks. Also have prizm back pack complete works. Sump with end broke off, works in a 10 gallon or larger aquarium.
      Text #3609800461 Jeff
    • By donohu21
      $500 for 20 Gallon Long aquarium with 10 gallon sump. Current Marine Orbit Pro LED 18-24 inch light with remote. Current USA eflux wave complete pump kit. Heater. 30-40lbs of live rock, 10lbs Black Sand.  Livestock: Duncan, Utter Chaos, Orange Hammer, Alveopora, Ricordea Yuma, Purple Mushroom, Purple and Red Monicap, Kenyan Tree, Rock Flower Anemone (3), Green Birds-nest, Blasto, Micromusa, Green Favites, Acan, Yellow Goby, Sexy Shrimp (2), Pom Pom Crab, Pandoras Zoa, Meteor Shower Cyphastrea, Pink Sponge, and full clean up crew. 

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