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    • By NateDawg
      Coming soon to Albany Oregon.... another Pico reef jar. This one's pretty small at about .87 gallons total without any substrate or rock! Gunna try a new idea of having the top seal tight at the top so I can put a pump somewhere else in a sump of sorts and have it push water through the system, instead of an overflow. Lighting will be from a diy light that I built which consists of 8 spectrums including 415n, 430n, 440n, 470n, 500n, 650n, 5k white, and 20k white. 
      The livestock for this one will be high end "designer" zoas and palythoa and maybe a really nice sps centerpiece.
      The for sure livestock so far will be:
      - hallucination paly
      - utter chaos paly
      - rainbow incinerator zoa
      - Darth maul zoa
      - pink diamond zoa
      - and more..
      I'll be up for suggestions if anyone has a nice zoa or paly to add.

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