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Parting out sale

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I’m done.... First I want to sell livestock then equipment. 4 red bubble tip anemones $25.00 ea -1 black & white clown $20.00 -1 snowflake clown $20.00 (both clowns host the nems) Emerald mummy eye chalice $50.00 (about 3”x3”) - Digital Aquatics reef keeper lite with temp & ph probe (spare ph probe & calibration soulition) $50.00  Vortech MP 10 (bad dry side? tried cleaning the wet side & doing a hard reset, won’t reset) - $25.00 Pacific Coast CL 280 chiller (also controls heater) $100.00 -10 gal sump (built by wannareef) $20.00  -skimmer $20.00 -BRS mini media reactor with spare cartridge & carbon & GFO (brs brand)$15.00 -battery back up $30.00 -Bio Cube 29 with stand,led lights & programmable night lights in the hood -$75.00 -plus a bunch of misc return pumps power heads - salt - test kits all the stuff used in the hobby. Everything is open to REASONABLE offers. Located in Kelso,Wa (real close to Stylaster) Thanks, Mike








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 I would be interested in the Pacific Coast CL 280 chiller and BRS mini media reactor with spare cartridge & carbon & GFO  if it all works. 

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