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VIDEO: How to Regenerate Your Filter Media (6x or more!)

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    • By marine depot
      Join us for a live Q&A Session with Eric Cohen on Friday, August 3

      Join us for a discussion about nutrient control in reef aquaria tomorrow at 12pm PST | 1pm MST | 2pm CST | 3pm EST

      We're going to do some giveaways on the call, so please be sure to REGISTER HERE

    • By bamburgb
      Hi Everyone,
      Just was curious as to how often people will check there phosphates? what levels they usually run at?
      The reason for this discussion is I have been watching bulkreefsupply videos on youtube about a conference from last year and saw some beautiful tanks and people were saying they had phosphate levels of like 1.1 and .9 which most of us would consider high levels. So just wanted to see what peoples opinions are about having elevated phosphate levels, I know in some instances it will cause algae growth, but has anyone had any experience where it has actually helped with SPS growth? the tanks they were showing saying they had higher phosphate levels were mostly SPS and doing amazing.