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CNC Zoa growout contest prizes!!

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Sorry it took me so long to announce these. Thanks to @MrBret at Paradise corals for getting most of these.

Still waiting on the Icecap Salinity and temp tester which has been on backorder.

We have some pretty nice prizes and the way it works is whoever wins gets to pick what they want! 

Thanks again Jeff at Cuttlefish for providing the colony. They are a really nice zoa!!

Here are the prizes !!

100 dollar gift certificate to Cuttlefish and Coral:yippee:

2 Awesome frag kits so you can frag and sell some of the zoas!!







And finally a Red Sea test kit !





That’s 5 great prizes ! Thanks also to @badxgillen for running the contest which reminds me pictures are due soon!



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54 minutes ago, Jack-the-reefer said:

I think I saw those same “frag kits”on dexter. 

Well we are not liable for what you decide to do with them!😀

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