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A good suggestiin for 2016 apex users..

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I thought i would throw this out there for you 2016 apex users who have an 832 energy bar. This code is buried in the advanced section of the manual and unless you are specifically mindful of setting up an amp or watt draw alert you are missing out of an excellent safety net.
The 832 will send you alerts if something is drawing too much or too little current. Also, having one of these alerts is the ONLY WAY that apex will notify you if the breaker on your 832 flips. My 832 breaker flipped which meant NOTHING was running. But.. the lights were still on and the appropriate relays were opened and closed so fusion and heartbeat thought everything was cool and the gang.
These alerts are not set up in the individual sensor or plug code sections. This section is meant to tell the plugs how to act and respond. The current monitoring is under the INPUTS section. Soo..
Log in to fusion, and click on your apex.
Now click on the lines in the top right corner.
Now click on the apex home button top left (has a house next to it).
Scroll down and under configuration you will see inputs.
Click on inputs.
Click on the plug you want to monitor.
Click advanced.
Set high and low thresholds and then upload the changes.
Done default_smile.png
I have a high and low on my return pump.. (something stuck in the pump will cause the watts to increase). And i have alerts on mu skimmer, just for the sake of having an extra alert.
If you set a high alert for your heater... good idea as they break, make sure there is no low alert. Otherwise everytime the heater shuts off you will get an alert.
People probably already know this stuff but hopefully this will help someone.
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