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Amphipod Breeding Tank

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Recently I started up a new tank with dry rock. I love the way the dry rock helped me skip the devastating algae bloom during and after the cycle but I miss the random life that would pop up after the lights go out. Specifically I really miss what me and my wife call the Whos. We named them from Horton Hears a Who! and the Grinch That Stole Christmas because they reminded my wife of Whoville. More boringly they are called Amphipods. 

For my starter frag tank I purchased '50' of them online hoping they would populate my rock but they seem to have vanished or at least are playing hard to get. Not to be deterred I hatched a plan to bread my own in a controlled environment so that I can repeatedly add them to my tank. So I bought another 50 amphipods and an adorable beta tank for $20 bucks and the adventure in Whoville begins.
I don't really know what I am doing but I have seen online videos that say they eat flake food and maybe phytoplankton. Besides rock and cheto I have put some twinwall material in the tank for them to bread in that lets me easily shake them out into my display.
For all I know they are doomed but I hope that with regular water changes and some feeding I may end up with an endless supply. If this works I would like to try tiger pods next.
If anyone has any advice on how to make this actually work I would love to hear it. 
I will post updates If I have any luck.


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After a few weeks I have come to the conclusion that nano amphipod tanks have a lot in common with other minimalist zen undertakings such as a small pot of gravel on a desk and a mini rake or a pet rock. Most of the time there simply is not much to see. 

With that said my master plan is working. I have more amphipods now than when I started. Due to their elusive nature they prove hard to count but I am confident that they are multiplying.
Some of them are quite huge. Here is a picture of a large one we will call Okja. 


Overall the activity is picking up and I have been able to shake quite a few amphipods out into my display tank and a tub of rock I am prepping for a larger tank.



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Wow if this works I just might try it..

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