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Gold torch group buy picking order !

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All  you lucky people who got in on the fabulous gold torch group buy! Here’s the order you will be picking!

Group Buy will start at 4pm. If you are not there when your name is called , you will be skipped over. Happy gold torch hunting !😀



1. Sharklover 1

2. ChrisQ 1

3. Brian Tesch 1

4. Parvo99 2

5. Sroberts 2

6. Salted waffles 1

7. TheDSblack 1

8. Mark13p 1

9. Dark Angel 1

10. Freddyk 1

11. Pdxreeftank 1

12. Kristin Herr 2



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Can't believe i'm 2nd, never been a part of one of these before. Super excited!



And thanks again Rudy! You always come though with flying colors.

You never disappoint. 




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23 minutes ago, Salted_Waffles said:

Will the people picking two pick both theirs at once or just one and then come back around for the second? 

They will pick both at the same time as some frags will have 2 heads.

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