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    • By marine depot
      WAV Price Drop - Save $50
      $50 off Neptune Systems WAV Pump Kit + $25 off Single WAV Pump!

    • By Trailermann
      I can't decide, so I need your help.  
      Maxspect Gyre XF 250 with controller and second pump  $500
      Neptune System Apex WAVs with 1Link  $500
      This would be for a SPS heavy mixed reef tank, 120 gallons.
      Circulation, appearance, control?  Is the second pump really needed?
    • By Trailermann
      1.  Suggestions please for attractive light inside my stand, mounting hardware and door switch.
      2.  What is source for best exhaust fan and proper size for 2' x 4' stand?
      3.  Where can I find a PVC elbow as shown in photo?  Would a sweep elbow be just as effective? What will get me the least resistance?
      4.  I am thinking of plumbing a manifold off a strong return pump to feed a bio reactor, algae reactor, calcium reactor and sterilizer to minimize the number of pumps in the sump?  Any advice?
      5.  Also I am considering running two gyres or two Apex WAVs for a SPS dominant tank.  Again, any advice?
      6.  If I want to stock many fish in a SPS tank, would a large bio-reactor and a Pax-Bellum algae reactor keep parameters in check?
      Almost ready to fire the starting gun on a Custom Aquarium's rimless and a stand from Spectra.

    • By TheClark
      I am babysitting allot of coral.  As a result, keeping allot closer eye on the tank.
      The calcium reactor feed pump stopped pumping any amount of volume, and dkh dropped.
      After troubleshooting I could see the feed pump was barely a trickle.
      Fired up the APEX flow monitor.  It is not rated for CR low flow rate, but it seems to work.  Holding steady and keeps a history!  Pretty cool way to monitor that cricital calcium reactor variable, flow...  I have no alarms setup for it yet but if reliable definitely will...