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    • By milesmiles902
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    • By Edogg
      I don't usually post because I don't have much interesting to show off, but I found this unique.
      About a month ago I had my first fish loss in over 2 years. I usually put a blanket over my aquarium when the lights turn off so my fish aren't bothered by any light. Unfortunately, I forgot to leave room for air to enter the tank, and I woke up the next day to find clownfish jerky on the floor. I now only have one clownfish and a firefish goby.
      The goby had to put up with the two territorial and dominant clownfish for over a year and a half, but ever since the dominate clownfish jumped there has been a swing in tank politics.
      My clownfish now acts reclusive, and is shy about going out from their cave or under shade to get food. The goby is now out almost all the time in the front of the tank and freely swims wherever.
      While this is all interesting, I think it pales in comparison to the relationship the goby and clownfish have formed.
      The clownfish has begun sitting on rocks or in caves next to the firefish, or outside when it can't fit. They confidently swim side by side, often touching. My clownfish's personality has completely shifted from the time of his big sister's death, but appears to be in perfect health. The two clownfish had been together their entire lives, even apart of the same hatchery. When I first introduced them to the tank they acted flabbergasted by the concept of a rock because they had never before seen one.
      Regardless, I will try to take some photos of my fish exhibiting this weird behavior. I just think it's cute that through loss they have realized that all they have is each other.
      I'm not sure if to add a new clownfish because my current one is quite big and old as well as what I have perceived as a hard pattern to come by. I don't want to get a fish just for it to be chased around the tank and eventually killed.

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