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Well Contestants this is the official thread to post your Cuttlefish And Corals Zoa Grow Out entries! If you post your entry in another thread it will not count. Contest begins April 20th!You have a week before and a week after to post up your picture. This competition will run 4 months!

Ground Rules: The goal of this competition is to be both educational and fun. I am hopeful the winners will be able to share their "secrets" and truly see how different lighting, supplements, dosing, and tank parameters can make a difference in growth.

Rules and Guidelines for The CNC Zoa Grow Out Competition. 

1.Your first post must include a quick write up of your system in thiis competition thread. Including tank size, flow, lighting, placement of the frag, frag measurement, equipment (ie calcium reactor, dosing, etc), feeding regiment, etc.

2. You will be required to post photo updates. The contest will start April 20th. You will be required to post a photo update once a month. I will remind you of this when the time is soon to post. I know life gets busy and people go out of town so you have a 2 week window to post.You will have 7 days before the 20th and 7 days after to post your update. If you do not post within the allotted time frame you will be disqualified. 

3. Please no cheating. This competition is meant to be fun and for bragging rights. Cheaters will be disqualified and banned from any future competitions.

4. The frags must remain on the original plug. You may modify the plug if needed example cutting off the stem for placement. You may place the frag anywhere you want in your tank and you may move it to a different spot during the competition but it is frowned upon  and you cannot move it to a new tank as the point is to see how the frag does over time in different systems.

5. Initial photos of frags need to have a top down as well as side shot so we can all see the frag and what you are starting with. No hiding zoa polyps in your photos. Not following the rules will cause you to be disqualified, I know that sounds harsh but it is out of fairness to the rest of the group. Remember a lot can happen in 4 months. During the last growout many were DQ'd due to not posting. It's really simple. JUST DO IT. Length of competition: The competition will run for 4 months. This will give us enough time for       the frag to grow. A lot can happen in 4 months and a lot of people could drop out, so if you are persistent, you have a chance to win the grand prize. This will give EVERYONE the same advantage\disadvantage with acclimation and so on. Pictures will be required frequently for updates. Final post will be July 20th 2015 for the winner. 

Judging a winner: Should be pretty straight forward this grow out. The most polyps at the end wins.

But the Grand Prize is... Not going to spoil it yet, you have to play our little game here.

Our Standing List of Fine PNWMAS Contestants are...

1. Sharklover

2. Paratore

3. Kasasah

4. Lewisriverfisherman

5. Spectra

6. Reefnjunkie

7. Jtarmitage

8. Badxgillen

9. Optimusprime

10. MJs reef

11. Sroberts


13. Emerald525


15.Kristen Herr


17. Kev 311

18. JMurray

19. Pdxmonkeyboy 

20. Gil & Fin

21. TheDSBlack

So lets see who is who among the competition, Who thinks they have a chance against some of PNWMAS finest coral growers? Post em up and lets get this party started. 

cnc zoa GO colony.jpeg

Featured here is the mother colony, not my grow out frag... Although mine might look like that in 4 months, I got the JUICE!!!

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Woo hoo! Thanks for getting this up Bert! Still working on prize options! But you all are going down!!

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13 minutes ago, Emerald525 said:

Woo hoo! Thanks for getting this up Bert! Still working on prize options! But you all are going down!!

Smack talk in the grow out thread... when things get "real" in PNWMAS land :shock:

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5 minutes ago, albertareef said:

Smack talk in the grow out thread... when things get "real" in PNWMAS land :shock:

It’s the only reason I do these!:daz:

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Tank Specs:

25 Lagoon Return 1.5 Sicce with a Tunze Wave Nano pump. Heated with a Heater. No skimmer. 

2 AI Primes 

I try and do weekly WC. If not it gets pushed a couple days of 5 Gallons.  

I Hand dose Cal and Alk when needed, Every 2-4 days. All Corals get fed every so often with Whatever I decide that day. 



located on the Frag Rack for the moment I’m going accumulated it in a higher locate with in a week or so. About 8”s from water line. 

I have 5 heads 

Frag Measurement is 5 heads wide.  Which would be 5/8” by 1/2” hard to tell and I think that is not needed as this is not a stick so hard to measure. 




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First post:

Frag tank 4x2x12 (about 60 gallons) with 30 gallon sump

Lighting 6 bulb ATI T-5

Flow: Mp 40 and mp 10

Skimmer: Reef Octopus

Feed: Rod’s food daily , spot feed dendro with mixture of PE calanus, oyster feast , pods etc 

Hand dose Brightwell Calcium and alk daily and occasional mag

Weekly to biweekly 4 to 5 gallon water change

Also use Santa Monica algae scrubber


Frag is in front right of tank near the MP10 

starting with 4 polyps F0863E0A-C646-428C-9A18-4D5609CA1C49.jpeg58DF6CE9-ADD1-43CC-BB9F-70F19DACBFEF.jpeg



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First Post:

90 Gallon

Trigger System Sapphire 26 sump

Reef Octopus 150 In Sump Skimmer

Heated to constant 78 degrees with 2 Eheim Jager heaters

Sunlight Systems Sun Blaze 8 Bulb T5 (7 bulbs functional, 6 bulbs in use)  -2 ATI Blue Plus , 2 ATI Purple Plus, 2 ATI Actinic

2 Rossmont M1200 circulation pumps at alternate sides of the tank

Rossmont Riser return pump

Currently dosing by hand with Bionic 2 part Alk and Calc. Maintaining 9 dkh. Not sure about Calc because I haven't bought a test yet. 
Feed: Target feed Benereef twice per week with some broadcast feeding. Fish are fed frozen mysis every other day.

Frag: 5 polyps opened. Possible 6th but it has not yet opened and seems like a dud. frag will be kept front left corner of the tank near sandbed. Checked in picture

Galaxy S8 04182018 841.jpg

Galaxy S8 04182018 849.jpg

Galaxy S8 04182018 854.jpg

Galaxy S8 04182018 858.jpg


Edited by JMurray
Frag location
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Does it matter if I reattach it to a disc vs a plug, mine detached in the travel home and it’s just free floating in my sump- 

At least it was 2 days ago when I last looked LOL

If not no big deal, it was more the donation of the buy in that I was doing, I don’t do zoas but thought my regal would enjoy the snack 


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You can do some changes to the frag plug and mounting but only before your first entry post, since the frag itself came detached I see no problem with it being remounted on another similar plug. And even if you are not a zoa fan these contests are a HOOT! Good prizes, bragging rights, and poking fun at our fellow members is all worth getting in on.

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4/18 Tank Specs

65 Gallon Red Sea Reefer

Curve 5 Bubble Magnus Skimmer

Cobalt Heater (78 Degrees)

2 AI prime lights

Couple of JBJ powerbeads

Weekly 5 gallon water changes with occasional 2 part dosing

Feed LRS and Reef Chili 

Got two polyps




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Good luck folks! Here's my entry, there's 4 heads on this Zoa. Three heads are open but one is still closed.

- 90 Gallon with 30 gallon sump, 1/3 of it is a refugium with cheato

- Reef Octopus 150 In Sump Skimmer

- Lighting is a T5x4 and Radion LED hybrid. T5's are ATI, 2x Coral Plus and  2x Blue Plus

- Temp kept between 78-79 degrees

- 2 x Vortech MP40's

- Eheim return pump

- Tank Feed Schedule:  1x per day with mysis and 2x per week spot feed coral with Reef Roids

- Place about 12 inches from the top of the tank under ledge with partial shadow.

- Dosing Acropower 1x per week



Edited by theDSBlack
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This is my first post.  

I have a 200 gallon system.  

2 - MP40 opposite sides staggered flow

75 gallon sump (homemade) with sock, Vertex Omega 180i skimmer (1 bad attitude powder brown tang resides here along with a coral eating butterfly)

4 Kessil A360WE tuna blue on variable 8 hours up to 30% color and 50% intensity.

1 purple tang, 1 powder blue tang, 3 clowns, 1 goby, 3 shrimp, several hermit crabs and lots of snails.  Fish get fed 4/5 times weekly frozen and occassional pellets

Corals include mostly softies with some SPS that I am trying for the first time including currently acro grow out contest.

Parameters checked several times each week, water change of 40 gallons every 1/2 weeks.

Corals get fed 3 times a week or so with Reef Roids doing spot feeding

Currently dosing with two part based on tests

last test showed:  alk 9.2, cal. 410, mag. 1360, ph. 8.2, temp. 78, sal. 1.025

i have 4 polyps - plug is currently set pretty low for acclimation but will raise it up soon for more light.

Zoa side 041818.jpg

Zoa top 041818.jpeg

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200g display (36x48x27) + 100g sump (~265g total volume)
Reeflo Orca 250 Skimmer
Refugium with chart and reverse illumination
Calcium reactor
30g water change twice a month
Dosing iron, iodine, silicate weekly
ICP testing quarterly and dosing trace elements in response (if needed)
Tank was setup last June
Bare bottom
Dual maxspect gyre 250s running on tidal cycle
76.5-77 degrees, steady
Phosphate 0.02, nitrate near zero, alk 7.8-8.4, pH 8.2-8.3, SG 1.026, CA 430, mg 1350
4x OR t247b: 55% ch1, 5% ch2
4x t5 mixed ATU coral plus and blue plus
Lights are on 10 hr


purple tang, kole tang, hippo tang, flame hawkish, long nose hawkfish, foxface rabbitfish, one lonely chromis, 4 clowns, 2 adult Bangalore cardinals + 4 juveniles + 6 babies (they keep breeding), yellow tang (lives in sump for now after getting beat up)

Lots of sps, decent amount of zoa's and a few lps.

A bunch of snails (probably a thousand the size is a pinhead since they breed...), a few hermits, two emerald crab, 2 peppermint shrimp, cleaner shrimp, and a sneaky milk cowry

Here's the crummy picks I took after three lights were out. I'm headed out of town so better than no post.

It looks like 6 heads to me. This is on there bottom of the tank near the outer edge. It's getting roughly 125 par.





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First post:

Frag tank 4x2x12 (about 60 gallons) in a 500 gallon total volume system

Lighting:  Ocean Revive 247

Flow:  MP 10 and Gyre 130

Skimmer:  Reef Octopus

Feed:  Mysis/LRS on alternating days 

Weekly to biweekly 40 to 50 gallon water change

Starting with 5 polyps 



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Well I may be out before it even starts :shock: mine still hasn't opened up..........I may have got a dud :laugh: 

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5 minutes ago, spectra said:

Well I may be out before it even starts :shock: mine still hasn't opened up..........I may have got a dud :laugh: 

Just take pictures of the closed pictures polyps . Don’t give up !! I have had zoas close for weeks and then come back !

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Just now, Emerald525 said:

Just take pictures of the closed pictures polyps . Don’t give up !! I have had zoas close for weeks and then come back !


Oh I will I am just pissed that they wont open......................guess there scared of the hallucinations on the rack next to them :laugh:

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•Red sea reefer 170

•Hydra 26HD

•Reef Octopus Skimmer


•Ceramedia bag






Edited by Kasasah

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1 hour ago, spectra said:


Oh I will I am just pissed that they wont open......................guess there scared of the hallucinations on the rack next to them :laugh:

I’m thinking you just put too much pressure on them - they heard you were the zoanthid champ and just couldn’t take it. 

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Tank: 92g + 110g sump

Lighting:  Maxspect Ethereal x2

Flow:  2x gyre 150s + 1800gph CL

Skimmer:  RLSS IS8

Feed:  Mysis/LRS, pellets, flake foods

biweekly 20g water change

Dosing 2 part

Starting with 3 polyps 

Will get a pic shortly....had a dosing mishap...😲


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Alrighty we are in the same spot as spectra as ours have not opened. We have 6 large polyps and 1 baby. Keeping 🤞 they figure their crap out, lol.

120gal tank with 30gal sump
Reef octopus skimmer
Not currently dosing anything
Biweekly water changes of 20gal
Lighting is 3 strip current usa led's- don't judge, lol. We are running our own experiment just to see success or lack there of you can have running cheaper lights. If anyone is curious so far they do okay the only problem is they don't seem to penetrate far enough so only corals about 1/2 up and higher do well. 7bb6ee4a2de903f56c15db01b19a84ef.jpg8a4937dd53716dd31437b551f7c07455.jpg9558222e7697dc99cb1ab31a82fd01ab.jpgbfa812e37924aadf0e758111eab16136.jpg

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I have 4 polyps placed midway up under moderate flow




System: 40b with an arctic t247 led fixture a 15 gallon Aqeon proflex 2 sump, cheato in middle chamber. An 8 watt tmc vecton 2 uv sterilizer. also just hooked up an aquamaxx cheato reactor that seems to be doing really well. Two Jebao ow10’s at opposite ends of the tank both on else mode and a simplicity dc120 skimer3cafd88540cabd602125c5997b067eee.jpgc3bb4a708eb9db13b6c26d3a8fcf962c.jpg

I should include a top down pic also, I’ll get one in here tomorrow when the lights are on.



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      Rudy also came by and said whats up, The Golden Basket hanging in Cuttlefish and Corals, very cool. Rudy is opening up his place next month for the May meeting so be on the look out for more details on that.

      Danlu on the right having a good conversation with Gumby to the left. Looking forward to seeing some of the new advancements being made on the lighting frontier, keep us posted would you Daniel. And Jim, once I get my act together I will get you another little package going on of frags.

      Sharklover just chillin, once again we didn't get to talk much, but be sure there will be a next time.

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      Ron coming in and just dominating the rock flower anemone buy...The little tyke just couldn't take it anymore and went down for a nap. But I bet once those anemones are all opened up in the same spot they just POP and this kid will dig the in tank fireworks.

      Here Jeremyevens was equipped with the front baby harness, so this kid could get the best view of the frag tanks. Very clever.

      DJ came over from West Linn, always nice chatting with you man, and good to see the fam.

      We all got to see Robyna and BlackIce with their new baby.

      Just look at this kid.

      And isn't this shirt just too much? Love It!!! Grow that one out for sure.
      There were plenty of familiar and unfamiliar faces at the meeting and I love that, just the right mix were people all feel welcome and just start opening up to one another.

      Here, Corals make everyone happy, its like a reefer ice breaker, just look at the smiles here...Genuine good times.

      And yet another cheerful hobbyist, Tesch with the contagious grin, the vibe in this room is so amazing. All the folks here are on the same wave length.

      Kevin just happy to be here it seems, and who wouldn't be in this kind of reefer party. It was about as good as anyone could hope for really.
      I have some more pictures that I can post up but I would also like to see some of the other pictures different people got of that day, you can only have so many vantage point by yourself yeah.
      I want to say a BIG Thank You to all those involved, you know who you are Holy, Albertareeff, FlahyFins,...Especially Emerald for getting this all together and to Jeff for puling a lot of strings for us. The club appreciates it.
      I had a great time and from what I can tell so dd everyone else, this was a Grand event.
      Love you all, Reef On my PNWMAS People! Be seeing you on the forum yeah....And at our next meet.
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