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Getting back into the game after 20(ish) years

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Hey everybody,

So I caught the bug after an almost 20-year hiatus from reef keeping. After deciding a while ago to set up a little reef tank and filling it with water it leaked all over my floor. The next day I went out determined to fix the problem and accidentally bought a Red Sea Max Nano. Needless to say, it's awesome. My only problem I have now is a lack of patience. Right now I'm happy with a couple of shrimp, 2 clowns, a torch, zoa colony, hammer and a polyp I can't remember the name of. I am pretty excited to find this community here in Portland and looking forward to Sunday's meet-up. 


New RSM Nano Reef

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Welcome man! I am just coming back from a small hiatus. 20 years though, wow! I thought a lot changed from when I was in it a few years ago, but 20 has to be like night and day. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting


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Welcome back!  I think my longest break was about 7 years recently and quite a lot had changed even in that time.  Pretty exciting to get back in the game and learn all the newest trends.  One thing seems consistent though... patience and stability still pay off.  Glad you are having a successful re-entry so far.  Next club meeting is this coming weekend at Cuttlefish and Coral (Sunday 3-6) - worth showing up if you can make it.

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I can relate.  My hiatus was 30 years.  Another break like that and I will be dead.

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Welcome back!! The Red Sea Nano is a great all in one tank. I’m curious how you accidentally bought a new tank lol.

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