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Looking to buy 90-125g tank

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I have a 90g tank with a stand. I also have LR and 2 Ocean Revive lights if you want to include those. 

I set the tank up about 3 years ago as a temproray QT tank, and then never took it down. The rock has some coraline growth on it, but is not fully encrusted. There is some good sponge life going on. Some of the rock pieces are larger volleyball/basket ball sized. Not sure on lbs, but enough to fill up the tank. 

I would prefer to keep the sump that I am using on it for my cube project (which is why I want to get rid of the 90)

The tank is upstairs, and you'd have to haul it. 

If your interested hit me at at kpfrenzel at yahoo.com I am not on the forums to often anymore, so that will be a better way to get a hold of me. 

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i have a custom 1/2" acrylic 4x2x2. fully braced, no bowing on panes. It comes out to 120g I think. comes with decent wood stand and sump.. sump was freshwater design so you will probably want to modify it.

there are some scratches in the front.. not major but they will need to be sanded out.

$400 takes it all..

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