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Best SPS LPS scuba diving destination

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I plan to go somewhere next year and need some advise.  I have only done one dive trip since my recent immersion into reefing.  Grand Cayman was beautiful, but the visibility was only about 50 feet (recent stormy weather) and dull staghorn and brains were about the only hard corals.  Yeah, also fire corals galore.  Tons of sponges.

Now wondering where to dive to see acropora, blastomussa, acan, favites, goniapora, etc.  In other words, I want to see WorldWideCoral.com live, in person.  Thinking seriously about Palau.  Already been to Coral Sea, Borneo, Fiji, Truk in past years.

I will post this also in R2R but would put more stock in advise from PNWMAS.

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If you want the old south pacific feel (circa 1960's) with great coral reefs check out Tonga.  I had a blast there and i can give you the name of the guide i went out with.  Here are some pics from that trip


I also recommend Bali, but you will need to go to some of the national parks or travel a ways by boat to see nice reefs


Fiji is also great ive been a couple times.  Coral coast, Yasawa Islands and Bequ Island.  I recommend Beqa Island great reefs and the coral starts in about a foot of water pretty amazing

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Philippines is always nice. Haven’t scuba dived but snorkeled all over the place as I am from there. Tubbataha off Palawan is nice I heard from reef friends that dive and Palawan is one of my favorite vacation spots also. I heard good things about APO reef also . 

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