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Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

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19 minutes ago, TheClark said:

Yes!  Thanks to irv2, I had some insider knowledge before our road trip last year.  Rumor on that forum was that the generator on my RV stops in hot weather.  I gathered all the parts for the fix 'just in case' before the trip. 

Wouldn't you know it, the forum was right.  I found myself crawling around under the RV somewhere in Montana installing a booster fuel pump. Saved the trip.

Love me them forumz... :)


Yeah I have heard of these forum.. I hear there are even people who spend all day talking about fish tanks ! :nutty:

On a serious note that’s some great insider information ! Way to be prepared!

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4 minutes ago, wegotjs said:

I will help you spend some money Kim, lets go mobile home shopping......

Sweet Jon what a good friend !!! Let’s do it!!

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