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River City Corals

River City Corals 120 shallow reef build

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Ok so the big boy tank is down and gone so I am preparing for the move. It looks like I’m down sizing but in reality just down sizing the DT but expanding the Frag system. My plan is be more active and bring you guys hot deals on corals and fish. I will do auctions as well.. so here is the plan. 

OBD rimless tank 48x36x18, bean animal drain with corner overflow and coast to coast trough. All starfire glass. This one will have clear back and black silicone. Stand will start with steel powder coated beast by Spectra. Skinning of tank will be done by yours truly and likely have removable panels. Custom triton style sump be fabbed up by Charles  aka:wannareef. Will also sport a hidden ATO tank behind tank stand .

Return pump Vectra L1

4 mp40 on anti sinc wave crest mode

Skimmer Deltec

Cslcium reactor Georeef 818

Dual heaters

Lighting. either Geismann Spectra. MH/T5 hybrid or 2 Orphek Atlantic V4

For top off  Tunze ATO

For Control   All APEX all the time!!

This tank will be ran triton style and be SPS dominant but will sport a few high end shrooms, chalices etc.

Fish will be wrasse dominant as well, Chaoti, Lineatus, Golden rhomboid pair, Hawainn Flame wrasse pair and a harem of Leapord wrasses, and few others that peak my interest.  


Frag tank info coming soon. Still working that out but it will all be tied together! One set of equipment, one system!!


i’ll add Pictures as this progresses.


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Sounds sweet Brian - first class all the way!  I love all the wrasse choices as well - those Hawaiian flames are awesome.  Good luck with the build.

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i LOVE LOVE LOVE my geisemann spectra. the par values are soo even i thought my meter wasnt working at first.

here are the panels on my steel tank. held in place by magnets and corner braces.

sounds like a great build!

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