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    • By Bighoho
      So I got a beautiful new Derasa clam today... covered in a few pests. Aptaisa, vermited... and some friendly isopods and such.

      Couple of things about our cleaning regiment:
      We QT everything regardless of what it is...
      We clean all livestock as advised... scrub, razor blade, glue whatever needs to be done to get the job done.. etc.
      I always wear gloves... been stung too many times by bristleworms

      So what's the problem? After cleaning off the two small aptasia I used the gloves to wipe off the blade, aptasia guts remaining on the glove. So the clam is still acclimating, I decided to go check on the DT... and what do I do I stick the glove with the guts on it into the sump not thinking about what I just did. So the big question is: Did I just contaminate my DT with aptaisa? It's bugging the crap out of me and I'm having a mini meltdown over it... Need some community support, thoughts.

      I will mention that I preemptively ordered some peppermint shrimp and am thinking of ordering some apt eating nudi's just in case.

      Thanks all for your support/advice in advance!


    • By milesmiles902
      @media (max-width:320px) {.qp_iframe{min-height:843px}}@media (max-width:375px) {.qp_iframe{min-height:843px}}@media (max-width:414px) {.qp_iframe{min-height:823px}}
    • By milesmiles902
      Here are the rules:
       • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by YOU • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month   Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline.      This months subject: Some people are about the creatures, some people are about the equipment. Show me the dorkiest, sexiest, most funny picture possible of your equipment. Photoshop and in-picture additions are allowed.
      December 1st 11:59 pm
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