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Wtt: corals for sump

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Hey everyone, I had planned on buying a nice new bashsea biofuge sump and other equipment upgrades once my taxes come back, but my current DIY 20l sump is falling apart to the point where it's seemingly causing more issues than anything else at this point. I have various sps and lps frags to trade. I've got teal tenius frags, ora tricolor valida frags, green and purple monti cap frags, a lobo, acans, etc. I just really need to get a bigger, and slightly more functional sump to get me through the rest of this month. Let me know what you've got! Thanks everyone.

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Bummer Taylor. Wish I had something to help you out but that is one of the few items I don’t have laying around the basement. Might want to check with Ron - he has had a few sumps available if I recall correctly. Good luck!

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