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I have moved on to another car and no longer need 3 vehicles. Selling my scion xb
2015 white with black cloth interior
33k miles
Automatic transmission
Serviced at Toyota of Gladstone for its first 2 years and then serviced by myself the past 8 months. If you dont already know im a mechanic.
No major dents or scratches just your typical rock chips from our lovely winter roads. Windshield has a very small chip that happened 6 months after i bought the car.
I also installed HID headlights that work extremely well (better than my bmw headlights)
Kelly blue book private party is around mid to low 14k im going to list it at $13,500 so it will be priced below book value and super cheap monthly if you finance it.
I was fairly impressed with this car for how inexpensive they are. It has a ton of room and actually gets great gas mileage. Ill have better photos once its back from the detail shop.
I have a roof rack i can include if wanted. This car handled snow amazing. Its been to timberline and meadows numerous times with no chains or studded tires! b5e5becdc617dbbf6752f7d40a55175c.jpg178007b21fc11968b7d87bf1628a22a8.jpg05936604b062bea91fd439cf1b4c63ab.jpg
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