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75 Gallon Aquarium, Rock, Stand, 40g Breeder sump, Hood, etc.

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Hey guys, getting rid of my tank - finally.  Put an offer on a house and I don't want to move this thing.  One day I'll get another one and get back into this, but for now, I've re-homed the inhabitants.

200   50 bucks get you:

  • A shload of rock (though, I'd let it bake for a bit in the "sun" due to vermetid snails and [language filter]-dirty-aips) - Some rock is drilled for the included acrylic rods/bases.
  • A 75gal standard sized tank.  Great glass, only 1 or 2 very minor scratches + a perfectly cut piece of eggcrate for the bottom/sand area. The tank has a built-in overflow setup.  Using both downspouts for drain - over the back for return.
  • Enough aragonite sand to create a 2" base
  • 40g breeder with baffles for a skimmer section (with fixed level), return section in the middle and a slow-flow refugium. Includes float switches for auto-top-off and hanger brackets. (See pics)
  • Hood - made it myself and it shows.  It's not the prettiest thing, but it's functional as a mofo and has two gigantic and very quiet exhaust fans (included)
  • The stand is a 2x4 stand style, but is well made, doesn't creak, and has panels that "snap" on to match the hood.  One side has a board to bolt your electronics to.
  • Plumbing.  Everything to make it run is included as far as tubing/plumbing goes, but you may want to re-plumb it or at least tighten the bulkheads. There was a little drippy/salt-creep happening.  Never scared me or anything, but worth at least re-snugging the plumbing.
If this price is outrageous, make an offer.  I have no idea what stuff is worth anymore, so help me out with that if necessary - but don't be dishonest.


Pics are from all time periods... obviously, no lights are included... and none of the sump equipment.    Working on getting a couple more from my wifes' phone.  I'll post them in this thread when/if I find them.  And everything in the 2 outside pics is still filthy... but I can hose it all off and give it a wipe down for ya if you want.  Good chance you'll be re-vamping it all anyway right?


Thanks for stoppin' by,










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I'll gladly drop this price a whole lot to get this thing off my porch. 100 bucks?

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8 hours ago, Micah said:

Okay people... 50 bucks! Let's do this!

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Pm Sent 

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