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Dosing: 2 Part or Calcium Reactor

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23 minutes ago, Optimusprime3605 said:

After several days of contemplating, I've decided to pull out the reactor and get it ready for operation. I need to pick up a few things prior to firing it up, though.

What kind of media should I use for Ca and Alk? Anyone have extra they'd like to sell?
My ph probe has been sitting for about a year, wet in a zip lock. Should I buy new? Anyone have an extra calibrated working ph probe they'd like to sell?

Other than that, I should be ready to give a shot...if it becomes problematic, I will give 2 part dosing a try.

Thank you, everyone, for all your input as they have all been very informative.

Good luck Dodge!  You should definitely calibrate the pH probe as you suggest.  I asked about media a while back when mine ran out and a lot of folk were using the reborn from two little fishes  but others were using the Caribsea ARM or Seachem if I remember correctly.  Seems like any of them will work but, as per usual, personal preferences...

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