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7 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

Great picture! Since he won can we get an recent, adult picture? :clap:

Thanks!  Yes, I need to bust out the good camera and scrape a little algae :)


7 hours ago, stylaster said:

Congrads Jeremey awesome pic!

Thanks Roy!  It took about 100 shots where he was still enough to focus...


6 hours ago, albertareef said:

Congrats!  Cute little guy... guessing he is a bit more substantial these days. 


4 hours ago, Emerald525 said:

Congrats Jeremy ! Second POTM win with a tang you are the master!!

I think I have my reef calling, tang pics LOL.  So much easier to grow a tang than coral.  Only Nori is required.







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There were so many great pics this month, I am honored to win.  It was a close vote for sure, and the pics were all enjoyable.

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