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Tunze 6040 First impressions

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I replaced the MJ1200 that was in my DT with a Tunze 6040 last week.  First impressions are very positive. 

This thing is small.   Sitting it in the back corner of my tank and it quickly disappears.  If the propeller weren't blue, most folks wouldn't know it is there.

It's quiet.   I have it on pulse mode (5 seconds  at100%, then 5 seconds at 50%) and you can't hear it run, turn on, or change speeds.

The feed mode is stupid simple.  Push the 'feed button' and all goes quiet for 10 minutes.  Pump returns to prior setting automatically.   

It's more adjustable than I originally thought.   Between rotating the output, and orienting the motor horizontal or vertically you can direct the flow to just about wherever you like.

They aren't cheap ($140) but I'm happy with it.

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I am long overdue for some circ pump upgrades, good to hear the Tunze are still in the game with some quality products. And thanks for the short review, sounds like a thunbs up.

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4 hours ago, cederrowe said:

What size tank?

I'm running in a 33 gallon (24x18x18) tank.   Have this sitting mid-height in the back corner pointing diagonally up and across the tank.

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