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Red Sea Reefer 450 Plumbing

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I have to admit I've had the worst luck with the pipes on my 450.  When installing the tank, I over tightened the overflow and cracked the pipe.  Recently, when installing a custom overflow valve, I cracked the upper pipe again.  While installing a manifold, I cracked the return pipe.  The only complaint I have about the Reefer tank is the plumbing.  Anyway - I have ordered backup pipes for the main overflow and return pipes.  If anyone should have the same bad luck as me, please contact me to borrow an extra pipe while you wait for a replacement pipe.


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I feel for you and quit over tightening things..............I am one to do the same :laugh: and learned over the years just get it snug.......if it leaks give it a 1/4 turn.


They just dont make plastic like they used to ;)

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