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Marine Science Center expansion

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Not sure if anyone noticed this or not but there was an announcement today regarding a new building planned for the Marine Studies Initiative center at the Hatfield location in Newport.  Sounds like pretty exciting stuff so will be curious to hear more about the plans.




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YES!!! This is very Cool, 72,000 feet is lot of space as an addition to the facilities. And it says that it will be in a tsunami inundation zone with a new style of evac, something Cid had mentioned is almost none existent at the current location.

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    • By badxgillen
      Well folks, it was an amazing workshop provided by the fine folks at the Hatfield Marine Science Center yesterday. I procedures performed were both engaging and informative while at the same time very entertaining. Sid and his assistant Mallory did an amazing job in their diagnostic procedures and shared much of the nitty gritty that goes on in a routine fish anesthesia and examination.
      I suppose that I should back up just a bit and mention a few things about the day before hand.
      As most of you know it has been rather hot lately but here at the Newport coast it was a mild 70 degrees with not a cloud in the sky.

      It was also nice to have the majority of the area to ourselves at first. Not too many people had arrived yet so it appeared we had beat the crowds.

      Here we are, back at the good ole Hatfield Marine Science Center. I am starting to have very good memories from attending the PNWMAS meets and getting to meet some of the good people behind making it the special place it is.
      Lets take a peek inside..

      Right after the front desk and greeted by the overtly talkative old timer you get a visual overload of things to look at first of which is the tide pool replica touch systems that are full of colorful wild inverts of all shapes, sizes,  and colors.

      In these pics I only captured a couple anemones and urchins but there was several mollusks such as muscles and snails as well as a Huge sea cucumber of sorts that had to be as big as my fore arm.

      Lots of educational displays to accommodate the the many aquariums, bones/fossils, replicas, and interactive demos. Looks like Albertareef and Jeremyeveans found the tropical reef area.

      Can't leave without taking a look at the tank with the PNWMAS corals.

      The devils hand and the Plerogyra is going into beast mode. I kinda wanted to ask about a frag of the table acro in the center but I had nothing on me to trade, maybe next time. The Capricornus also had an interesting growth pattern to it, some big colonies in there now.
      The majority of the aquariums are temperate/coldwater tanks that house all types of fish and invertebrates.

      In addition to the tropical and cold water systems there are a few fresh water things going on too.

      All with their own educational or artistic value. There was even a new Rio Negro south american tank on display full of discus, pencil fish, and nice rummy nose & cardinal tetras. 

      and for those of you who have not visited the HMSC before or it has been a little while make sure you do. The pictures provided by myself and others do not do justice to the facilities well kept aquariums livesstock and the educational interativities...Okay Okay, I will get to the demo.
      This year was very different from the usual behind the scenes tours we have had in the past at HMSC. Right off the bat we were diverted into the west wing of the science center and into the animal health area containing a quarantine and treatment facility made for housing various marine specimens both tropical and cold water. There are very large pump buildings that pull water from out the Newport coast here and bring it through plumbing into the various holding tanks for efficient clean salt water on demand.

      You probably all know Sid from the Hatfield Marine Science Center, AKA Intothemystic, and introducing his assistant Mallory.
    • By Emerald525
      First just wanted to say thanks Sid and Dr. Tim Miller- Morgan for taking time out on your busy weekend to show us around. I hope to see you again next June!  
      Dr. Tim is a DVM and a wealth of knowledge and knows a great deal about a lot of things in this hobby.  He is a certified aquatic veterinarian. I hope to have him come talk for us one day about common marine fish diseases.
      Here is his contact information if you have questions:
      Timothy J Miiller-Morgan DVM, CertAqV
      Here are the pictures:
      Holly and Mike chatting before the tour began:

      Our fearless leader! President John Manrow!

      Our fearless leader! Robert (in the middle) aka Bert aka BadxGillen getting him back for all the stealth camera pics he does!

      Angela being a good sport when I warned I was going to be THAT annoying person snapping a lot of pictures! Papparazzi!

      That's Sid who gave a nice tour. Quite pleased that we had a good showing of people! (I guess there was only 3 last year..  ) Thanks again Sid!

      Nice touch tanks!



      Say cheese!