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Barrier Reef's 11th Anniversary Sale

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Barrier Reef's 11th Anniversary Sale

Save The Dates

Wednesday November 29th - Private pre-scheduled appointments only (more info below). Closed to the public unless you book an appointment. This will greatly reduce the line, crowds, and wait times Friday – Sunday, creating a better overall experience. You are also guaranteed a gift bag Wednesday.
Thursday November 30th – Closed for restocking.
Friday December 1st 10AM-7PM, Saturday December 2nd 10AM-7PM & Sunday December 3rd from 12PM-6PM (All open to everyone. No appointment needed.)

This year's event is going to be a blast!

We will be giving out 100 free gift bags throughout the event. 40 guaranteed to appointment holders. 28 Fri, 20 Sat, and 12 Sun.  (1 per household)
The free raffle is shaping up to have some incredible prizes and this year you can watch the drawing on our Facebook page Live! (Sunday @6:15PM)
There will also be 5 deluxe prizes being raffled off.
•    Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro LED Light $800 Value
•    Pair of Seahawks tickets plus a $50 American Express Gift Card to get your game day started
•    Eshopps S-120 Protein Skimmer $300 value
•    Ice Cap Reef Cam $200 Value
•    60lb Box Real Reef Rock $480 value
Additional shipments arriving Thursday after the private appointments to restock for the weekend.
All of this along with the incredible discounts and door busters we always offer.
Follow this thread, our Facebook/Twitter pages, the BRA free App or watch for further newsletters for more details. We will share them as they are available.

Private Appointment Information

I'm hoping to start posting the specials and raffle items later next week. We always get a lot of questions about scheduling the Wednesday appointments so here we go. Remember, no appointment needed to come take advantage of the sale on Fri-Sun December 1-3 and we will be restocking Thursday Nov 30th.

If you want first pick of all the great corals and fish + no crowds or waiting, and a guaranteed free gift bag, set up an appointment for Wednesday November 29th. We will be closed to the public this day, and we will schedule five customers each hour, that will be helped by the five employees working that day. Yes you can bring family or friends as long as they are willing to share the staff member who is helping you. Only one gift bag per appointment holder though. All the sale specials are good this day! Our specials will be posted soon.

If you are interested in scheduling one of these slots please PM me, or email cy@barrierreefaquariums.com, with up to three time slots, in order of preference, that would best fit your schedule on Wednesday November 29th. Appointments start at 10AM and are on the hour. We will break for lunch between 12-1. The last appointments start at 6PM. I need your first and last name and a phone number. The scheduling of these time slots will be done on a first-come first-serve basis. If ANY slot works for you please indicate this in your message. Please don't commit to a time slot if you are not sure you can make the appointment.

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Interesting approach - wish I could make it up there to check it out but alas...  Hope it goes well for you!

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-Anniversary Specials & Limited Stock Door Busters-

This is a partial list. We will be editing it right up to the sale. We will also be re-stocking Thursday November 30th so we have more inventory for the weekend.

In-Stock Evergrow LED Lights 10% Off
302 Aquatics Algae Scrubbers/Sumps 30% Off
Blue Eye/Longspine Cardinal $6.99 or 10 for $60
Yellow Clown Goby $3.99
Captive Bred Lightning Maroon Clown $44.99 – Only 4
All Brands In-Stock Nano Tanks 10% Off (Innovative Marine, Coral Box, Seaside, Aqua Pro & More)
All CoralVue Halide Bulbs 40% Off
Octopus Protein Skimmers 15%
Barrier Reef Kalkwasser 50% Off
URI/UVL VHO Flo Bulbs 50% Off
Will be edited and added to right up to sale.

Specials – Rain Checks Offered

Red Sea Reefers All Discounted & Include Free RS Products & Gift Card – We have been asked to only post the prices at the shop during the sale.
Jebao RW/PP/OW Wavemakers, DCT Return Pumps, & DP4/DP2 Dosing Pumps 20% Off!!
All Livestock (Fish/Corals/Inverts) 30% Off - Live Rock Included
200 Gallon Mix Box Instant Ocean $39.99
200 Gallon Mix Box Fritz RPM $54.99
Eshopps S Series Protein Skimmers 10% Off Plus $25 BRA Livestock Certificate
Natalia’s Fragging Tool 25% Off
Eheim Auto Feeder $29.99
Barrier Reef's Refractometer $29.99!
Barrier Reef's 100GPD Deluxe RO/DI $169.99
RO/DI Sediment, Carbon, DI Loose, DI Color Change Cartridge - All Replacement Filters 25% Off
Algagen Tisbe & Apocyclops Pods 20% Off
Captive Bred Ocellaris Clown $11.99
Captive Bred Snowflake Clown $19.99
ORA Purple Gem Acropora New! $29.99
Astraea Snail $.59 or 50 for $25
Feather Dusters $3.99
Emerald Crab $2.99
Peppermint Shrimp $3.49
Algae Blenny $7.99
Original/Herbivore Rod's Foods Buy 3 Packs For $50
LRS Frozen Foods 20% Off
BSI - IC Gel $4.99
Salifert Test Kits 20% Off
Red Sea Test Kits/Supplements 20% Off
API Reef & Saltwater Master Test Kits 30% Off
TLF 550 Phosban Reactor $69.99
TLF 150 Phosban Reactor $39.99
AquaTop Digital Thermometers 20% Off
Reed Mariculture Reef Nutrition Foods 20% Off
CaribSea Substrates 30% Off
Hydor Koralia Evo/Pico 30% Off
ATI T-5 Bulbs 25% Off
Complete Seachem Line Including AquaVitro 30% Off (Salt Excluded)
Hikari Frozen & Dry Foods All 30% Off!
Cobalt Powerheads 25% Off
ME Coral Consumables 20% Off
Will be edited and added to right up to sale.

-Anniversary Sale Raffle Drawings-


Our Anniversary raffles always seem to be a big hit. This year we are having two different raffle categories. We will also stream the drawing on Barrier Reef’s Facebook Page live at 6:15pm Sunday December 3rd. Be sure to tune in and watch the fun as it happens!

1. Five Grand Prize Drawings - Tickets are two for $10, five for $20 or twelve for $40 and can be divided amongst the five drawings as you prefer. These tickets will be on sale at the event and are only good for these drawings. You can purchase tickets over the phone or in our store until 6pm Sunday December 3rd. We can ship this prize anywhere inside the US in case someone from out of the area wins. Shipping shouldn't be more than $10-$15 and would be paid by the winner if they need it shipped.

2. $2 Raffle - Tickets are $2ea, 6 for $10, or 15 for $20. Everyone who makes a purchase also gets a free ticket for this raffle grouping.

-Grand Prize Drawings-

There are five Grand Prizes. You can distribute your raffle tickets amongst the drawings however you prefer.

1. Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro LED Light $850 Value

2. Ice Cap Reef Cam $200 Value

3. 60-65lb Box Real Reef Rock ~$500 Value
4. Eshopps S-120 Protein Skimmer $300 Value

5. Pair Of Seahawks Tickets + $50 Amex Gift Card (SEA VS AZ Dec 31 1:25pm Sec 318 Row N 19-20)

-$2 Raffle Prizes-

IC Gel Frag Glue 4 Pack - 1 Prizes
Bucket of Real Reef Frag Rocks – 2 Prizes
20lb Real Reef Live Rock – 3 Prizes
Red Sea Pack (RF ABC, CC ABCD, RE AB, NOPX500ml, RF Pro Multi Test) – 1 Prize
Rods Food Multi-Pack – 3 Prizes
Cobalt NeoTherm 200W Heater – 1 Prize
Seachem Gift Box – 4 Prizes
Seahawks Swag (Coffee Mug/Keychain) – 1 Prize
ME Coral Gel 2 Pack – 1 Prize
Seachem Reef Glue 2 Pack – 10 Prizes
Fritz RPM 3 Part Calc/Alk/Mag Buffer System – 3 Prizes
$50 ORA Fish/Coral Certificate – 2 Prizes
$50 AA Clownfish Certificate – 2 Prizes
200 Gallon Mix Box Reef Crystals Salt – 1 Prize
6 Pack Mix Peppermint Shrimp/Emerald Crab – 1 Prize
3 Gallon Dosing Liquids (1g Calc, 1g Alk, 1g Mag) 1-Prize
5 Pack Dosing Powders – 1 Prize
More to come. Will be updated right up to the sale!

- Barrier Reef Gift Bags-

On Friday December 1st the first 30 customers, Saturday December 2nd the first 20 and Sunday December 3rd the first 10 customers, (limit one per household for the entire event) will receive Barrier Reef Gift Bags. The other 40 bags are being given away during the pre-booked appointments. Each gift bag will contain a variety of free items, coupons, and special offers. Every gift bag will not be the same. Some will have bonus prizes and/or gift certificates. We are working hard with our manufacturers to make these really special. Hopefully, the element of surprise adds to the fun!

Every year it is reported that people abuse the one per household rule with the gift bags. We ask that you please abide by these rules so that as many folks as possible can enjoy this opportunity.

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