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The Evergreen State College - Aquariums

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Hey everyone,

I went back to the Evergreen State College (my undergraduate) for a visit and they installed a huge 13,000 liter system aquarium system in the basement of the school. One thing I thought they always did well was teach the sciences and this provides a way for the students to both monitor and have a hands-on experience with these living creatures.



Although, when I visited, they were looking for more variety of corals and it made me think it would be good to ask the club.

Personally, I have some euphyllia, birdsnest, xooanthids, and pavona that I am going to donate. I haven't heard of anything they don't want.

So, please let me know if you have any corals that you would be willing to donate for educational purposes. I'll likely be heading up in December, so no rush. 

Thanks again,



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Let me know what your after Miles as if I have it you can have some ;) 


oh and liters :rolleyes: are we in Canada eh..........:joking:

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I honestly think anything that is free of bugs. I am going to throw in some montipora, along with some faster growing SPS.

Oh, and that's the thing. Fast growing would probably benefit them.

There are a lot of isolated tanks that they tend to do experiments in. No animals are harmed in the process, but if you imagine a student wants to do 10 trials of different pH's....then they need to grow fast enough to supply the students.

So anything that grows at a good pace and is somewhat hardy. 


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Their display tank is a beautiful collection of Puget Sound critters.  But you must be talking about their many other tanks, some or all with warm water.

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I have some hammer corals and a few other things I can donate. I can bring them to the Holiday party for you.

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19 hours ago, Trailermann said:

Their display tank is a beautiful collection of Puget Sound critters.  But you must be talking about their many other tanks, some or all with warm water.

exactly what i was thinking the photo looks to be a cold water tank

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Anything is appreciated. If you need me to come up north before December, please let me know. Although, December's meet would be great!

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Hey everyone, 

Finally came north to visit The Evergreen State College. Here is their facility and the corals donated.

It is located in the basement of Lab I. When I was there, most of this area was storage and a bio-analytical research lab. 



They had multiple cold saltwater tanks with massive creatures from the deep.












They had multiple "touch" pools" for handling creatures.





Their back room had a huge saltwater mixing container and multiple phytoplankton starts.




Huge backroom sumps.




Then their tropical tanks.


The bottom one looked solely like an aiptasia culture for the purpose of studying this model organism. The top was pretty much empty, so I put most of the corals in there. 




It was a cool experience and I'd like to say Thank you to everyone that was involved.





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Thanks for sharing !! I’m glad my donations made it to you ! Thanks BadxGillen for delivering them. That looks like a pretty cool college!

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      I apologize about the format and odd listing, I was trying to multi task and it didn't pan out the way I had hoped. I can get pics for those interested but didn't want to bog down the thread with countless photos. I will be at the meeting at the end of the month as well so feel free to PM me about something you may want.
      I will update this in the near future.
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    • By Tommy
      Final update, only equipment left:

      12/5/2017  OLD
      Hello everyone, 
      I'm breaking down my 120 and want to sell everything. Individual prices are below, view the pictures and checkout the prices in the second link. Call or text 503 442 9901, I'm located in NE Portland. 
      Pictures of corals:     https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D4kybOIzItbo5Tm3W5mpIXlufva923yX/view?usp=sharing
      Prices (3 tabs):     https://drive.google.com/file/d/1So7YvpoZ_b5SCNRxV5GR-b4ljNM3BmID/view?usp=sharing
      Overview of my setup:

    • By Aquariumaster
      Hello Everybody!
      I just went to the last meeting, but just in case I didn't get to meet you I just wanted to properly introduce myself! So I am currently a student at OSU, and I found out that both my tutor Miles Taylor, and I are both into the aquarium hobby. So he told me about PNWMAS, and that there was a meeting coming up, so I was more than happy to come. It was great to meet a lot of you. So I do have a few tanks here in my dorm and back home.  Right now I have a 14 gallon nano cube, a 5 gallon goldfish tank, and a 3 gallon mangrove tank. But back home  in California I have a 120 gallon fish only saltwater system, a 28 gallon nano cube, a 55 gallon freshwater, and a pond. If you want to see the stuff I've kept over the years I have a youtube channel and instagram with the same user name, "aquariumaster" . I'll also attach some videos and pictures here.  But ya, I'm just really happy to be a part of this and I look forward to going to the upcoming meetings!
      Here is my 120 gallon: 
      and heres my old bamboo shark ( she now actually lives at SeaWorld San Diego!):
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