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Two reefer one house issues

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I went to clean my tank. (Husband recently set up a 20 gallon for himself). Today I couldn’t find buckets, test kits, hydrometer, fish net, scraper, half my hang on magnum (just half) he broke pieces and hid it, ro machine, towels and other stuff. Places I found them: freezer, on washer and dryer, hydrometer was on floor in front of his tank, kitchen sink, bathroom, behind his tank and back yard. 

Had to right a note for his safety. This is the third time this has happened and I just cleaned it up.


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14 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

i think perhaps his side of the bed would be a good storage location.emoji16.png

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Too late... it appears that already happened (see new topic thread)! 

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