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Hawaiian fish collection ban

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Saw this on fb today and it looks like they voided all the existing permits?


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I was just at cuttle fish talking about this.

I did some further reading and I have some experience in natural resource regulation for what it's worth.

So it is shut down for now, but, the good is that the shut down is really based on fish and wildlife (well, the Hawaii version of fish and wildlife) research. The have done numerous surveys of the reefs where commercial collection takes place and they have shown that numbers of target fish are not declining. In fact the opposite is happening in several cases.

The bummer is that in modern America, people don't value facts that the scientific method generates. It is all about beliefs, and if something doesn't sit right with someone's beliefs then it gets cast aside.. call it fake news, call it propaganda, whatever. Don't believe this is the case.. ok, how about Portland citizens deciding not to flourinate their water because it was "dangerous" and flouride is a "chemical waste product"? How about people not vaccinating their children because vaccines cause autism even though there has NEVER been a peer reviewed study that proved this was the case?

So this same mentality is manifesting itself here. "Snorkle Bob says the waves were once full of yellow tangs.. they take between 2 and 10 million of them a year!!" People say..oh my God! But then it's estimated that there are 30 million fish harvested globally for aquarium trade and Hawaii represents 2% of that trade.

The point is that when something becomes political, all bets are off. Sound natural resource management and harvests come from scientific data. My hope is that cooler heads will prevail and that commercial collection will resume.

This will take awhile though folks. They will have to complete a NEPA analysis to make a significance call. These analysis are VERY lengthy, especially when the topic is political.

So I will have to put my achilies tang lust on hold for now. :(

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