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Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

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2 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

just an observation:

but its a funny thing in this hobby that as soon as you put something in any kind of vessel it becomes "a reactor"

You have carbon in your system? "yeah, i have a carbon reactor".

You growing chaeto? no, i have a chaeto reactor though.

I looked at both and to me, a ball of chaeto is just easier, cleaner, and about 10x cheaper. It doesn't require any seperate pump, plumbing or additional hardware to work except a light. Maintenance consists of grabbing a chunk of chaeto and throwing it in the compost.

If you don't have the space or fuge design for it that is a different story.

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Yeah, I think the space savings is one of the big attractions with either the drop in scrubber or a chaeto reactor and potentially the only viable option for those who can't run a sump.

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