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I think we need a bigger boat!

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Hello PNWMAS, long time no talk. I hope all are well and tanks and critters are doing good, mine  have grown and grown and I think I might need a larger tank! All mine are softies but the idea of keeping them whole with more room to grow, sounds better than chopping them up! So my question, anyone want to trade tanks? 

Mine is a 50g Cadlites artisan cube with white stand and trigger systems cube sump! I would want to keep everything except the tank, stand, and sump. Possibly the return also depending on size. Ideally I would like a 75 or 90 with stand and sump but am open to offers and larger, maybe. 

I don't have any interest in selling my tank but would love to find a trade! Anyone have something sitting around collecting dust? Maybe always wanted a cube? Let me know, and thanks for looking! 

I added a pic to get an idea, they still have some room but starting the hunt early. 



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